30 March 2011

Wednesday poker hand of the week

This beauty of a hand comes from the Norton's wine bar £20 freeze-out which Alan and I experienced for the first time last night. The starting stack is 6,500. If you bust out in the first two levels you can buy back in.

I think this was the first level. As we're new to this game we have no information on any players. However, it's a £20 freeze-out in a Wine bar in Witney so some of the players are doing well just to pick their cards up without an opposable thumb. One guy hasn't learnt yet how to use a chair.

For the purposes of anonymity the player in seat 3 will be called 'Seat 3,' the player in seat 4 will called 'Seat 4' and the player on the button will be called 'Button.' Snappy names. I'm not entirely sure how the action unfolded as I went a bit dizzy, but I think it went something like this;

We're ten handed:

Seat 3 (utg) limps, Seat 4 raises (I think) to 200. Folded round to Button who calls, blinds fold, Seat 3 calls.

Pot is 675.

Flop: Qd - Kd - 9d. I believe everyone checked.

Turn: Jd. Seat 3 checks, Seat 4 bets out 500. Button calls. Seat 3 check-raises to 2000.

We have seen Seat 4's cards, he has the Ace-four of diamonds and therefore had flopped the second nuts, losing only to a straight flush...what does Seat 3 have and what does Seat 4 now do?


Alan said...

The 2k check/raise was on the river, as I think there was an Ace on the board as well by then, indeed I think the Ace was the turn card and the 4th diamond on the river. I think either seat 4 or the button bet the turn, getting two calls.

Rich said...

Ah okie dokie I only recall the many many diamonds.