6 March 2011

Be careful what you wish for...

Well now the campaigns of all those budding amateur suffragettes' and hummus eating Guardian readers demanding equality for all especially between the genders is starting to bear fruit. Congratulations, now car insurance will cost womenfolk more because the EU agrees with you. But it doesn't end here..

It is of course bullshit that men and women are equal. Doesn't mean one gender is better than the other, just they are not equal. There is no equality in that sense of the word. It doesn't make any sense whether it be womenfolk, the disabled or whatever other groups of people you want to compare.

When you try to mandate this kind of egalitarian nonsense by law you get a bullshit state of affairs such as this current one with insurance companies. No one has ever disputed women have fewer accidents than men, they don't drive fast enough to have accidents, but the EU refuses to accept that equality should be subordinate to the facts of the matter or common sense.

As Scooby-Doo once said, "Ruh-Roh."

This does not end here of course. This is just the beginning. If you are one of those people demanding equality, well I'm afraid you're gonna get it now...and good luck to you cause this will not end well for you. When people talk about being careful what you wish for it's the European Union's madness they have in mind.

Imagine women if you will, a future where divorce settlements are not biased in your favour, Eeek! Or even worse, where custody of children is actually determined by what's best for the child, OH NO! Still keen on equality? We jest of course, this is of course how it should be.

But how far to go in order to secure such equality? Imagine the EU imposing quotas on courts. Courts would have to be able to demonstrate there had been a reasonably close 50-50 split between the Mother and Father in custody allocation each year! Children could be placed with unhinged drug addicted or Tottenham supporting fathers just to satisfy the quotas.

The armed forces would not be exempt from the lunacy. The EU decides to lead the way, blazing a trail for the equality movement in the military decreeing all front line fighting regiments must be at least 25% female, 10% disabled and a further 10% lesbian and homosexual to reflect the demographics of typical European society.

The EU decides to start a war with Iran just to test the strength of it's sparkling new politically correct military. The Islamic armies of Iran are infuriated by the sight of women in front line regiments as they consider stray rabid dogs a more worthy foe. Insulted, they decided to only take male soldiers prisoner..the gay and women soldiers are simply executed immediately after being raped several times.

Now this of course is all bullshit, nonsense and horse hockey. The EU could never do this, it's madness and we wouldn't stand for it anyway. But of course, if I'd have said ten years ago that the EU would ban car insurance premium discounts on the strength of gender you'd have very seriously doubted me.

If I'd have said the EU would make it illegal for the Government to deny axe murderers the vote you'd have insisted I lie down and taken my temperature. If I'd have explained how the EU would make it illegal for us to deny anyone entry to the UK if they were from another member state you'd have ordered me up to bed and made me some soup and if I'd have explained the EU"s energy policies to you you'd have slapped me across the face, offered me some smelling salts and called an ambulance.

This has all been going on under our noses for years. A twenty year Fabian coup. This isn't the beginning, it's the beginning of the end. An end to our Sovereignty, freedom, democracy, common sense, bacon sandwiches. Everything for which we've spent the last thousand years defeating the French and Germans to protect.

The European Union is Pandora's Box except there's no hope at bottom. It's been opened by all those self-important leftie egalitarian sandal wearers who unleash their superior liberal values on us all, but refuse to accept any blame for the inevitable social chaos it causes, as they can't see the friggin mess from so high up in their ivory towers.

Bite down on something people...I'm afraid this is going to hurt us much more than it will hurt them.

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