4 March 2011

Heroes and villains

Today's man of the day is Rupert Murdoch. Our spirits were low this morning as we had to go the big house and that's always a depressing time, but they were lifted when we heard howls of outrage from the lefty media and the BBC in particular over the BskyB take-over.

How the BBC has the neck to whinge about supposed media monopolies when they are funded by a compulsory tax is beyond me. Unless they have the cheekiest driest sense of humour or have no understanding of irony I can only assume they're just the miserable pinko fuckers I always assumed they were and they can get the fuck out. I'm right too about Bagpuss being a euphemism for communism.

He may have destroyed the substance of every sport his silly sports channels have any gotten hold of, but we can forgive Mr Murdoch these ills so long as he's busting up egos at the Beeb. It's about time the right side of the political debate was represented more robustly anyway and if a few newspapers on the other side happen to fall by the wayside in the process well we'll just have to manage without them.

It's precisely because no one is reading them that they're in a position to go bust anyway that's what I always say. If the Guardian's parent company for example hadn't been so efficient with it's tax evasion they couldn't possibly survive given their pathetic 200,000 readership. Most of whom are too busy eating humus and congratulating themselves on being so friggin' superior to read it all anyway.

* * *

In other news I'm now beginning season 5 of Smallville. I still think Clark should have told Lex ages ago about his abilities. He could have protected him. I'd like to be Lex. Unhinged, but with billions of monies so it's OK. Like Murdoch just less wrinkles. I mean he might experiment on people without always asking them first, but it's all for the greater good. He's the real hero of the show.

Most heroes are flawed anyway. We just choose to ignore those flaws. As Lex rightly pointed out earlier today even King David one of the earliest of heroes who defeated Goliath with his sling was a duplicitous adulterous whore monger. But they don't tell you that in Bible school.

They don't say, now then children after defeating Goliath King David went on to mutilate the genitals of a couple hundred Philistines, then got his mates wife up the duff and sent him off to fight in the most dangerous battle occurring at the time so he'd die and he could have his Keithy Cheggers widow all to himself. They skate around that part.

Even JFK almost missed getting shot in Dallas because he was hanging out the back of a strumpet earlier in the day as Richard Keys would say and almost missed his bus to the airport. One man's hero is another man's sandwich. I think you know what I'm trying to say.

Anyway, I digress...so yes. Season 5. Smallville. Good stuff. Lois had to work as a lap dancer as well today and that also raised my spirits and I became semi-erect.

* * *

Chapter 4, how Gordon fucked the English forever: Gordon
enjoying wife Sarah's book yesterday

Thursday's villain was in fact Sarah Brown. She was a guest on the Richard Bacon radio show to promote her book which details her experiences as she sat idly by and watched her husband fulfill his life long ambition to fuck England up forever.

She apparently is OK with making money out of her husbands hapless mismanagement of the economy over 13 years. She sees no problem exploiting Gordon Brown's annihilation of Britain's ability to function as a going concern, so while the next few generations live off bread and water without a police force, education system, proper energy reserves or a health service to speak off, the Browns will be quite comfortable thank you very much living off his gigantic pension, the money he stole from the nation in the form of a salary he so obviously did not deserve plus all the other millions he's squirreled away via networks of complex fraudulent embezzlement.

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