2 March 2011

Wa*king on a rainy day

It's miserable outside again. If it doesn't stop raining soon I might have to email in to someone. I'm running out of films to watch. One I'm not desperate to see however is this King's Speech nonsense. I haven't seen it and I have no plans to, mostly because it's wildly inaccurate and Colin Firth is a Tottenham supporter. But I did find out something interesting about stuttering yesterday and it's this I'd like to share with you at this time.

Apparently stuttering is not solely a speech impediment, it's a communication impediment that also effects people who use sign language! This is intriguing stuff no? More details of this can found on Matt Ridley's blog the Rational Optimist here.

I wonder if this isn't where we get the wanker sign from? Like, perhaps making a fist and moving the arm up and then down in one motion a single time means something completely innocent like sunshine, and perhaps someone with a signing stammer has attempted to say it but their stutter caused them to repeat this motion uncontrollably several times thus replicating a wanking action?

I might research this later on after my mid-morning nap, but in case I forget or am no longer interested in this by then, don't let me stop you from conducting your own research.

The end.

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