31 March 2011


A chip shop in the north east tomorrow

So now, in the north some councils have used public monies to buy up an enormous load of salt shakers that have five holes in them instead of seventeen and are dishing them out to Fish and Chip shops free as they believe this could cut the salt intake of some northerns by half. Also these salt shakers will be hidden from view like cigarettes and really grotty bongo magazines so customers actually have to ask for it.

Is this nanny state interfering nonsense, or a sensible fair enough attempt to cut people's salt intake? Hmmm I'm going to say yes on the nanny state option on this occasion.

Let's ignore the maths of how many times 5 goes into 17...this claim of cutting the individuals salt intake by half would surely only hold sway if the individual didn't have any salt at home, didn't eat anywhere else and didn't ask the server person to shake that lovely salt shaker twice as long as usual.

Also, are people going to feel ashamed of asking for salt in the same way they might be asking the man behind the counter of the papershop whether April's addition of Wet n' Wild is in yet.

The problem I have with turning Fish and Chip shops into places you only usually find in the seedier parts of town is that it's a typical Government ploy of treating a symptom rather than curing the disease.

People in't north are more susceptible to heart disease because of their diet, but why? It's usally because they don't have the monies to purchase proper food, or have the time to cook it. This is why kids have crisps for tea. Some kids don't even have the energy to go out and stab people anymore is what I've heard.

To me this is just one more depressing piece of evidence that we're doomed. We're a lost cause. No one running the country really has any idea of how to deal with the real problems..the problems that cause enormous people to pile salt onto their chips, so they make these token gestures instead so they can be seen to be caring and seen to be tackling the problems.

Meanwhile people will just get fatter as they'll resort to ketchup or die anyway from a heart attack from reading about their local council banning salt shakers from view and getting so pissed off their hearts just burst.

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