20 March 2011

MotoGP and crazy Eye-talians

As you know the MotoGP season begins today in Qatar. This is of course awesome. Our hero Valentino Rossi unfortunately only has one good shoulder at the moment so won't be competitive for a few weeks.

This means Casey Stoner, barring alien abductions, is a penalty kick for this GP so we shall be investing chunkily in him and supplementing this wager with a double bet on Chelsea to beat Manchester City today who have players who can't dress themselves.

The footage of Mario Balotelli struggling to put his bib on prior to the game against Dynamo Kiev in mid-week must be a goldmine of information for a sports psychologist. That few minutes sums up the player's personality and approach to the game perfectly.

He makes one or two attempts to put his bib on, fails and instead of persevering he just gives up and throws it away like a frustrated child, eventually someone has to do it for him. That is how he plays the game to a tee. Initially he is enthusiastic, but if after ten minutes he feels things aren't going his way, instead of sticking at it, he just gives up and eventually the team have to do his job for him.

I know footballers are selfish and ego-centric but he shows legitimate cause for psychiatric evaluation. He makes Narcissus seem quite humble.

* * *


Having missed the game due to nap time, I was angered to see this headline
on the Telegraph home page, only to read on and discover it was a typo. Phew.

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