12 March 2011

#PrayForJapan #RIP #Japan

It's entertainment when a giant lizard is tearing up Japan, but
when it's an earthquake it's suddenly not quite so funny? Hypocrites.

I tell you what this whole pray for Japan business has my dander fully erected. People tweeting messages of sympathy to a country? That as far as I'm aware is as insincere a means of conveying condolence as is currently available.

An earthquake, followed by a tsunami and potential nuclear disaster and all people can manage is, #prayforJapan because they're limited to only 140 characters. Sandwiched between tweets about Justin Bieber and Clive Tyldesley an RIP message for the dead in Japan is just a fucking insult.

Just don't bother. You don't care. If a tweet is all you can manage you definitely don't care. There's nothing wrong with not caring. I don't care. I wouldn't care if it happened here. We've all got issues to deal with and I'm more concerned with what Lionel Luthor is up to than what's happening in Japan.

What's going on here?: Lionel and Martha Kent yesterday

We can't help these people, I'm not even sure if they are people, we can't change history and they're the ones who built a series of fucking nuclear facilities on one of the world's most notorious fault lines in the first place. Selfish bastards, take us all down with you.

And bollocks to giving them money too. Jesus. What's wrong with people in this country?? They're the third largest economy in the world. They can cope with this. We can't even afford to put petrol in our children. Or feed our cars.

I swear we're all living in dream land where the UK still owns the planet and we have inexhaustible funds to sort everyone's shit out and we're just choosing not to finance the rebuilding of our own country and voluntarily live in a stinking shit hole with no education system or health care or police force or transport network and bread that costs more than a fucking rolex. Japan could have six more of these disasters this week and they're still in better shape than us.

And what good is a fucking prayer anyway? Urgh, I hate it when people say that. Some one develops aggressive brain cancer and a sanctimonious sandal wearing cunt in a sarong offers to pray for them. Yeah cheers cause that'll help. If there was a God and he was going to help, he wouldn't have mashed the persons brains up in the first place.

I'm of the opinion a massive nuclear disaster wiping out pretty much everyone is about the only thing that'll save the species. Sort of like re-booting. We need to start again and this time not invent telly and instead of wasting time trying to keep hold of India we need to divert military resources across the Atlantic to win the war of Independence and stop America from ever happening. All the shit in the world can be regressed back to the birth of America.

Alright well I've said my piece, I'll bid you good day.

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