27 March 2011

More than just the wrong colour

Have you seen that video on the YouToobs where a spoiled girl 'McKenzie' gets all stroppy because the car her Dad has bought for her is the wrong colour? It's fake, but it's still an example of how completely out of kilter with reality people can get when they're too used to having everything they ask for.

We unfortunately have become a nation of McKenzies. You see now Britain over the past thousand years have given many an invading army a damned good thrashing and come through a hideously bloody civil war to protect it's Sovereignty and build for itself a democratic society where freedom and liberty for all are guaranteed. We fought for everything we had and thus took none of it for granted.

Over those thousand years many many millions of people died fighting for this cause and in horrible hideously bloody ways before the invention of modern weaponry expedited the killing process. Many a man was speared through the jugular with an arrow fired from 200 yards away or hacked to death with a blunt sword.

So you'd think really if two or three Prime Ministers who haven't done a days proper hard graft between them made attempts to simply sign away that hard fought after Sovereignty over the course of twenty years, the British people might have something to say about it. Ha ha, but no. In fact, no one gives a shit. Many people either don't know it's happening or don't really care.

Before invading Iraq about a million people marched to protest about us invading another 'Sovereign nation'. Most of whom had picked up the term 'Sovereign nation' from the telly. Not in my name they whined. But when the Sovereignty of their own country was being eroded away treaty by treaty as they spoke they simply didn't notice or care or understand.

This is because vast swathes of the nation have now been reduced by a Fabian coup d'├ętat both physically and intellectually to the level of primates. It's all most people can do to eat a custard tart without getting most of it down their front.

History, real history, is not taught in schools anymore specifically because the state does not want our wee ones actually appreciating the value of Sovereignty. They don't want our wee ones understanding what we have come through to get where we are. This makes it much easier to sign it away without resistance from them when they become adults.

Schools no longer teach our wee ones to read either, because then they might read history books they don't have access to at schools and learn by themselves that they're not living in a democracy anymore. And of course the family unit has also been largely done away with as this traditionally is really how children learn the ways of the world.

Much better to encourage women to get knocked up in a pub toilet and not remember who the hell the bloke was than to continue having families. Families lead to communities where people talk to each other and are sociable and have funny ideas about how those communities should be run.

Because now whole generations are dependent on state monies, because we're being bribed with our own money, and a life time on benefits is essentially a lifestyle choice and actually working for a living becomes increasing difficult, we have lost the ability to think for ourselves and take care of ourselves. Consequently we have anarchists who far from wanting to smash the state as anarchists by definition are want to do...our anarchists want it protected!

Without a hint of irony British 'anarchists' will march in their thousands protesting against the shrinking of the state! Instead of smashing the state, they will smash up Top Shop instead as a protest again capitalism man or something.

And while their doing this they'll continually have to pull up their Diesel jeans, exposing their Calvin Klein underwear while being filmed by a fellow anarchist on his iPhone. Capitalists I shit 'em they cry.

A protester probably with a rich father exposing his CK undies yesterday

All of this in the wake of previous demonstrations from students who flatly refuse to accept that they ought to pay for their own education. Now of course, the final irony is these 'cuts' are all bullshit anyway.

Over the course of this Parliament George Osborne will spend more than the last Government. The cuts are precision incisions to the armed forces, the education system etc all simply to make it look like he's being ruthless and confronting the deficit, but actually just voluntarily making us more dependent on the EU.

This way Dave can say our integration into an EU superstate is not his fault and something that has come about because Gordon Brown fucked everything up for us. Meanwhile Ed Miliband, who still hasn't finished painting that ceiling, will play along and pretend the plight of TUC members is akin to the fucking civil rights movement in America and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

Ed Miliband with Dulux in his hair yesterday.

Perspective is always the first thing that needs to be jettisoned when brainwashing a nation. All of this has a disorientating effect on the millions of primates in this country who cannot think for themselves and are simply unable to distinguish between not being able to afford the new iPad and being tortured for having dark skin.

While the middle east erupts in civil wars and protesters are carried off in the night by the secret police of the Despots who are clinging to power by any means necessary, tortured or killed...we here in this country smash up the Ritz Hotel because if things continue the way they are some of us might not be able to afford two cars, and if that happens it won't be long before we can't even chose the colour of the one car we can afford! And how's that gonna look?

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