12 March 2011

Ask and ye shall receive.

Colonel Gaddafi's prayers for something more sensational to occur than his bloody campaign of revenge on those who mistakenly thought they could oust him have been answered with a massive earthquake in Japan which caused a Tsunami that could cause a nuclear disaster.

Gaddafi was reported as saying to God, "the earthquake would have been enough, but cheers anyway." The world's media has now forgotten what's happening in northern Africa and can barely contain it's excitement at the thought of some proper nuclear devastation the likes of which we haven't seen since Chenobyl.

Daily Mail staff reporters have been climaxing on average three times every hour since the earthquake two days ago. David Cameron has had to learn several new serious faces to use in press interviews as he does not want his 'let's go to war frowns' to be confused with his 'let's pray for Japan condolence furrowing of the brow.

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