22 March 2011

Dog tired

So anyway yes, at the big house this morning it was determined that my attempting a two day pokering event in my current condition would be tricky. It was agreed the lack of opportunities to take power naps was the biggest stumbling block.

Also of course, the clocks go forward on Saturday which means losing an hour of lovely sleep once we do finally make it home. And given that making day 2 would probably mean a 3am finish anyway, losing this extra will probably mean arriving home at 6am in a state of delirium almost certainly with dribble down my chin and front.

I would then sleep through day 2 anyway, so instead I'm staying in and will watch season 7 and 8 of Smallville stopping only to enjoy some nice soup I bought today. I may venture out to the Abingdons on Sunday for their game as they only last for four hours I can easily stay awake that long if I jab forks into my side.

It's better this way.

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