10 March 2011

Cheese on tomato...soup!?

At nap time today I dreamed of putting cheese on tomato soup. Now this had been suggested to me recently by my dietitian, but I wasn't sure if she was being serious as I had never heard some a balmy notion before. Also she had nice boots on and I was focused on them so couldn't be sure I hadn't misheard.

I'm going to try it this evening. I'm a bit apprehensive. I mean it's not as if you can separate it from the soup if it's not nice. I could ruin a perfectly good bowl of soup and given how little there is going on in my life during these winter months, this would be a big deal.

Theoretically of course there should not be a problem. Cheese as we all know compliments tomatoes very well. It's the textures though that concern me. I will have to let the cheese melt. It's crucial I let the cheese melt.

Look, I better go. I'll speak to you later.

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