19 March 2011

De ja vu all over again

I just spend a nano-second trying to figure out why we're about to start a war with Libya and not with Bahrain or Yemen. It was easier than the Daily Mail crossword. Apart from BP having biwyans of monies invested in Libyan oil, and none in Bahrain and Yemen, it's only Libya that has recently humiliated us and the US of States by having a convicted terrorist released and then having a two day long nationwide party to celebrate after promising it would be kept hush hush.

The first available opportunity to settle the score and we've taken it. But in typical fashion we've ballsed it up and waited too long. This will end badly. Not only is our intervention too late, we might now have brought another Lockerbie type terrorist attack down on ourselves and this time it will be the Libyans who are responsible not Iran and Syria who were obviously responsible for the Pan-Am bombing.

Do we never learn? Did we learn absolutely nothing from Iraq? If Cameron insists that this is necessary well fine then, but good luck explaining why, in his efforts to cut our deficit, all public services must be fucking useless for the next twenty years. If there's money for bullshit wars Mr Cameron, then surely we must be able to stump up a few quid for some nurses and policemen?

How is this being allowed to happen without rioting in the streets? People will protest in their thousands at having to pay for their own education, but when it comes to preventing yet another Prime Minister eager to play at being Winston Churchill from starting another pointless ill-fated war, everyone's busy.

We're doomed. Doomed. I'm moving to Africa where it's safe.

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