11 March 2011

Belgian waffle

In order to kill some time between naps I've taken on another twitter account. I noticed that Belgium isn't tweeting at the moment and I think they should as they have so much to offer.

Since I have the time I decided I thought I'd take on the task myself until they join the 21st century and do it themselves.

You can find me/them by clicking on the picture on the left. Belgium as we all know is just about the most irrelevant country anywhere really, which I think is why they "agreed" to house the EU monstrosity there.

Belgium is only famous for being in the path of various armies who were on the way to a war somewhere. Most of the great armies at one point in history or another have rifled their way through Belgium on there way to somewhere better. It's quite appropriate for the EU member states to trample through it again under the guise of democracy.

It was more honest when it was armies. At least you knew who to avoid. I feel sorry for Belgians really. It's us next of course. Who'll tweet for us I wonder? We're doomed.

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