21 March 2011

NHS waste

So right, I gets this letter this morning from my CF clinic. They've rescheduled my appointment in June...by fifteen minutes! Was it really necessary for them to let me know by mail? It's not as if their clinics run to the second. And what's occurring in that fifteen minutes I wonder that I can't be seen at the original time?

In other news I was able to win the Pigeons game last night I think because everyone else was pissed. This has left me wrestling with a curious dilemma. You see, due to being old now and up to 35% more wheezy than the same time last year, I had conceded the APAT events might be beyond me now, but I'd of course like one more crack at completing the almost mythical Pigeons/APAT double.

At the time of writing I haven't been able to figure out how I can manage the whole weekend given my nap and oxygen requirements, however I will be going to the big house tomorrow and perhaps we'll be able to explore some pharmaceutical options that may boost my energy levels. I've heard tell of Scrabble players for example lacing soup with EPO.

Should this not be possible I shall spend Saturday eating sammiches and watching season 7 of Smallville where I hope Clark will finally buy some new jackets cause the red one he always wears is silly.

How many of those jackets has he got? He's always being set on fire and things yet at the end of the episode he's still wearing the same red jacket. He must have hundreds of them. He's been wearing them for seven years. What shop sells them?

Don't they ever wonder why he's always buying the same jacket? I bet they nudge each other when he comes in....it's that guy again come in to buy some more red jackets I bet.

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