31 May 2011

200 Japanese pensioners win awesome award

I'm just now hearing in my ear piece how roughly 200 Japanese pensioners who make up what they call the "Skilled veterans corp" a Dad's army of clever boffins if you will, have volunteered to clean up the Fukushima nuclear power station mess. Their logic obviously being we'll be dead before any cancers from radiation poisoning kicks in.

This is of course beyond awesome and why I will move to Japan just as soon as I win the lottery. This kind of courage, self sacrifice and altruism is sadly something that could never happen here for so many depressing reasons. Not because our pensioners aren't as hard-core, just simply our layer upon layer upon layer of jobsworth bureaucracy at every level of governance would make it impossible.

Pensioners: We want to clean up the mess of this knackered nuclear power plant, we're all retired skilled engineers.

Health and Safety man: "Sort out a nuclear accident site!?" deeply inhales, shakes head, makes condescending tutting sound with tongue, "not without adhering to ...lists two and half thousand regulations.....you won't, it's more than my job's worth."

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