18 May 2011

C**t of the week changes hands

The cunt of the week award is being keenly contested this week. Paddy Power style I had all but paid out on Chris Huhne for setting aside his Parliamentary duties in order to hide from the media because he knows sure as eggs is eggs he should be in jail, but with the ink not yet dry on the certificate quoth Ken Clarke such an extraordinary speech of bullshit as to re-open the competition.

According to Ken, who mistakenly thinks it's 1811 rather than 2011, rapists ought to get a 50% "discount" on their sentences if they plead guilty to being rapists. Which is to say, the quickest way of halving your time in jail is to admit doing what you've been accused of.

No someone hasn't just turned over two pages at once, he really does think this. Now of course, I'm no lawyer, but this does quite seem to be the thinking of a man who's brains have rotted away and been left with nothing but a musty void between the ears.

By my way of thinking, and again I concede I'm not a lawsmith, if you've raped someone and deny it and put your victim through the ordeal of a court case and waste everyone's time and money, and are then found guilty, you should then have your sentence extended. If you admit to your guilt straight off the bat, you should get the standard sentence for whatever they're dishing out for rape these days.

By offering "discounts" as Clarke describes it for admitting being what you're on trial for surely you make a mockery of due process and insult the victim. Essentially in fact, in the case of rape, fuck the victim once again. By admitting doing what you're accused off, by anyone's mathematics, how can that lead to an abbreviated sentence?

Ken Clarke is incapable of distinguishing between victims and offenders. To him it's just a difference of opinion. One woman's rape is another mans spirited nookie. He'll never be able to understand the idea of locking people up just to keep them away from the law abiding members of the community.

Any society where criminal behaviour is simply dismissed as an antiquated diagnosis of the psychologically disturbed rather than just a plain and simple fact that some people are utter cunts is always going to be unsafe place to live.

"Yes M'lud I did indeed drag the young miss into the woods as described and yes I subjected her then to a four hour ordeal from which she'll probably never recover. I then ran off and left her for dead while I searched for another victim."

"Ah well, jolly good young man, you've spared me a lot of work there so have your sentence reduced by half." Tonk! Court adjourned.

For completely missing the point and putting people's lives in danger and ultimately making this country a shit place to live I hereby award Ken Clarke the cunt of the week trophy.

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