3 May 2011


Hands up who can reasonably be shot by anyone at any time without
really having any cause for complaint given the circumstances.

Obama phoned me today. Really pissed off he was. "Why are people questioning whether shooting Obama Wan Laden was legal?" he asked me. Because, I explained, a lot of people are so open minded, so liberal, they can barely see what's in front of them.

By my way of thinking Osama Bin Laden declared war on the West. Not just western Governments but the entire west. And that includes me. Therefore he made himself a legitimate target for anyone from the west.

If I had found Bin Laden hiding away in a bush near my house I feel I would have been within my rights to gun him down in a hail of bullets while laughing hysterically and probably wetting myself at the same time.

What made this assassination legal, in short, was his various video presentations where he declared his mission in life was to kill everyone except for some of his closest mates. Obviously had he been found in this country he would have been given some crisps by Paul Gasgoine and social services would have paid for him to go on fishing trips and his identity would have been changed so he can start his life again.

The Americans however chose a more direct route to solving socially challenged religious zealots and thank the lord they do. That's the good lord, the Christian lord, not that nancy boy Allah.


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