16 May 2011

C**t of the week and it's only Monday


Guilty as charged, but what are you
gonna do about it?: An utter cunt yesterday

I hate Chris Huhne. I have always hated Chris Huhne. If only when his mother was carrying around this lump of sexually deviant evil in her womb some Providence had not intervened and some how shoved a coat hanger up her jaff we might have never had to suffer his odious, arrogant, hypocritical bullshit.

He represents the absolute worst of everything we must fear and hate about lefty eco-maniacs and almost every politician who sits in the House of Commons. The Liberal Democrats are of course completely bereft of conscience. And this man's soul is so black as to be almost a darkness that could end the world.

If Chris Huhne is not drawing up plans to bankrupt the country with his absurd obsession with wind farms, or dumping whoever he's married to on a given day in order to share a bed with a couple of lesbians, he's breaking the law by driving like a cunt and then asking the wife he's about to dump to take the rap for it.

Even as we speak, while the nation waits for him to come out of hiding and explain why he shouldn't go to jail, he'll be lying prostrate on a red velvet chaise-lounge in his bespoke sex den while two Romanian rent boys wank him off, rub hummus into his testicles and throw piles of £50 notes at his bare chest.

If I hadn't resigned from the world and detached myself completely from this attitude of complete indifference our politicians have for our opinions and contempt they have for the thousand year old democracy and due process, then I might get annoyed by this. The fact that the House of Commons is now exclusively a retreat for some of the most dangerous men in the country and who are quite above the law might cause me some alarm.

The reality that we are doomed and as absolutely fucked as if we were a D list celebrity with big tits at a Footballers christmas party, might keep me awake at night. Like Chris Huhne, it's a good job I don't care. Phew.

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