13 May 2011

The dangers of paying lip service to your urchins

I've waited all day to tell you my funny chlamydia story, but I've waited so long it doesn't really seem that funny anymore, but I'll tell you anyway and then I really must go as I've got a steak and kidney pie cooking.

So this morning I had to visit my GP surgery to have my eyes screened which made my pupils go all big and cartoony. But even funnier than that;

While I was in the waiting room a lady with her son who was roughly five of your Earth years old approached the reception desk and began chatting with the receptionist.

At this time her son then reached up and took a card from a rack that was on the reception counter top and handed it to his mother.

It was an information card about Chlamydia! At this point I began giggling. The lady however simply took the card and trousered it, thanked her son and carried on chatting with the receptionist.

Brazen much!?

Apparently this woman was not bothered that her son had just outed her as a grubby cocksmith. Either that or she just didn't read what was written on the card.

I prefer the latter explanation as the consequences are far reaching and funnier. It'll be many hours before the full horror of the exchange will become apparent to her and there's also the possibility that her husband will discover the card before she does if he's nosy and rifles through her pockets regularly.

Explain that one away you mucky biaatch. Er..dear have you been enjoying miscellaneous cock while I've been away on business? No? Why do you have an information card on how to cope with an itchy puss filled minge then?


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