30 May 2011

Nonsense of the highest order

Last night I dreamt I'd parked my car under a tree for the shade but when I got back it was wrapped almost entombed in the trees' branches that had snaked themselves around my car. It was like I'd left it there for decades and all manner of flora had grown around it.

What on earth does this mean? Which of my inner psychological issues is my mind addressing with this symbolism? Or is it to be taken at face value? Am I warning myself of the dangers of leaving my car unattended in close proximity to a tree for many decades?

This and more will addressed in a meeting with myself this afternoon. But top of the agenda will of course be our new Pigeons'* game strategy. It feels like many many weeks since the last Pigeons' game. I'm quite the sure the Government is stealing time from us while we dream. It's why I always leave one eye open when I sleep.

The new strategy will mostly be built on a foundation of not playing every single hand. Also..we will we utilise a strategy I've been reading up on recently which is not offer up an enormous raise when it is quite clear even to those passing the table to go to the lavatories that my goose is cooked.

Coupled with outrageous luck and no one else turning up, it's a strategy with no flaws. And why not? With my prize of many monies I will invest in some comfortable airy new lounge wear and some fizzy coke bottles.

*Grammar question: It's the Three Pigeons Pub, and the game is located at this pub so could be said to belong to the pub so should it be "Pigeons's game," "Pigeons Game" or "Pigeons' game?"
I'm sure it's the latter. Silly language.

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