24 May 2011

Lessons to be learnt

From Richard North's EUReferendum site: The story repeats itself

Whatever Transport Secretary Philip Hammond and his ridiculously named "Cobra" emergency response committee may say, or the Met Office, or civil aviation authority, about lessons learnt from last years months long horse shit from dangerous Icelandic ash clouds, they are still fucking everyone around unnecessarily.

The problem is they're using computer models to explain why an Icelandic volcano means we can't fly to the Canary Islands for a week or two of drinks and nookie. The same computer models that have predicted in the past that by the 21st century anyone wishing to venture out to the coast for the weekend will head to Cheltenham.

What is actually needed of course is that fooking airplane with all the gadgetry and the boffins to operate it all, to fly through the ash and around and about it and tell us exactly how dangerous it is.

This was not possibly last year because there's only one plane capable of doing it and it was being painted at the time. Yet with all this guff about lessons learnt, it's also not available now because..it's busy.

You'd have thunk given how many billions of monies the delays must have cost everyone, quite apart from the thousands of people who were stranded in foreign lands without sufficient underpants, they might have considered maybe clubbing together with other EU Governments and fixing up a couple more of these planes just in case like.

But no. Computer models is the way forward still. Computer models the like of which predicted there would be no polar ice caps by 2010, and people in North Western Europe would be barbequing on Christmas day for ever more until it all got so hot we were all burnt alive.

All of them, absolutely sodding useless cunts. And you can quote me.

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