26 May 2011

What IS she wearing!?

I hate to sound like a cat owning fat divorcee consumed by a persnickety obsession with enforcing draconian coffee cup washing up rules at work, but Kate Middleton is too thin and needs to start eating cakes again Michelle Obama's get-up if you squint looks like a jelly fish..

I mention this because the trivial is clearly this years' important. Nero is supposed to have played the fiddle while Rome burned. Fast forward 1960 years and while the western world crumbles under monstrous debt and an obsession with eco-bollocks that will all but reverse the Industrial revolution David Cameron and Barack Obama played table tennis.

Well fine then, fine. No fine. But if the suits we've entrusted our futures to don't care, then I shan't either. I will care only that the Duchess of Cambridge's knees are now wider than her thighs and other bollocks.

I will kill time before Mexico play Ecuador this weekend by trying on my hats and re-enacting famous battles with Jelly babies. I suggest you do the same.

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