23 May 2011

We protect those in the public eye from unwarranted intrusion..

Unless you're Ryan Giggs

*My favourite of all these injunctions is of a famous ex-childrens TV present who was photographed crying while wanking on someone's grave! Like something out of a Phillip Roth novel. It's a funny old world to be sure.

One more word on this injunctions business and then I must go out and buy some marshmallows. This whole business of privacy pertains to ones private life no? But surely "private life" in the case of Giggsy refers to his wife and children.

Once he goes outside in public and starts giving arbitrary Welsh strumpets six of the best in the dark corners of night clubs that is surely very much his public life. We're often told how these people are role models. What if a small child walked past as he was humping Ms Thomas in an alleyway?

His image of his hero, like Giggsy himself, would be blown to bits. I've emailed in to the legal system and to God and cc'd Barack Obama and bcc'd Keith Chegwin (for no reason) and reminded them, once you fuck around with people - dead or alive - you aren't married to, you're fair game to appear in the Sunday papers, now stop being silly, that's what I always say.

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