8 May 2011

For crying out loud

Is this not the most bullshit excuse for journalism I've ever seen this weekend? What is the point of having a mainstream media if this qualifies as a story?

Those evil Muslim extremists are apparently about to target ...wait for it...Prince Harry!! Poor defenseless Cornet Wales of the fucking Household Cavalry who just a few days ago was toffed up to the nines like a Ruritanian Prince at William's wedding.

Well fuck me, someone body call some body! However will he survive with just the worlds supply of guns and ammunition at his disposal backed up by even more guns and ammunition and while sat in an armoured gun on wheels.

How dare those cowardly brutes target someone who was videoed just a few months ago shooting at them during a photo opportunity and who's job it is to kill them.

Can someone get a memo over to the Daily Mail and explain that this is in fact how war works. We target them and then to counter this, they target us and which ever side loses their stomach for the fight first loses.

If they say they're going to target Fergies god awful sprogs then that's a different matter though how you'd know they'd been shot in the face is anyone's guess...but while they're simply targeting Officers in the British Army this is, for all their evil doings, perfectly within the rules.

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