5 May 2011

Something's very wrong when the guy from Texas has the moral high ground

By all accounts Alex Jones is a bit of a nutter. There are conspiracy theorists and there's this guy. He not only believes the moon landings were a hoax, he also thinks the moon itself is a hoax and is simply a projection to make people think it controls the tides rather than a covert US Governmental department that uses tsunamis to control financial markets.

I made that up, but he is mental. However, Barrack Obama's handling of the "assassination" of Osama bin Laden, or the reporting of it, has made this bloke's arguments seem almost reasonable.

Whatever has really occurred, the changing of the narrative after only a few days by Obama's people has highlighted how completely redundant our main stream media are. They never investigate anything anymore. Just copy and paste press releases, take them as read they're factual just because they're from official sources and head home before the rush hour traffic starts to build up.

Anyone who then doubts the official line is labeled a weirdo or a conspiracy theorist and mocked for asking perfectly reasonable questions or daring to suggest that a Government might not be telling us the whole truth. Or even and truths at all. With ze media and the Governments in each others pockets it's amazing we're even aware of how shit everything is.

If it weren't for amateur independent blogs we'd have no idea what was going on anywhere. We'd have no idea how doomed we all are. Whoever said ignorance is bless didn't know what he was talking about. Or did he? Hahaha, see what I did there?

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