1 June 2011

How do you solve a problem like Sepp Blatter?

Having been the only nation to oppose Sepp Blatter's re-election (Scotland obviously being a colony) England have now well and truly fucked themselves. They now have even less chance of qualifying for the next world cup than Wales.

The FA are past masters in finding the wrong way to do things and paying over the odds for the privilege so this was all to be expected. The solution is simple, which of course automatically makes it too complicated for the FA, but it's worth explaining it to them anyway as I know they read my blog.

Simply gunning the man down in broad daylight will only treat the symptom as there are many many Sepp Blatters waiting in the wings, the answer of course is to simply withdraw from FIFA.

England then encourages Wales, Scotland and Norn Iron if they can put a squad together to do the same and set up their own "World Cup' in a similar fashion to the American set up where world championships in their main sports consists almost exclusively of American teams.

There would be one qualifying group of four. All of which qualify for the tournament. The tournament consists of one group of four all of which qualify for the semi-finals. England ought to win the World Cup every four years. The law of averages and Murphy's law combined may sometimes mean England don't win the World Cup, but they would always at least make the semi-final stage, something they have only acheived once in some forty five years since 1966.

This is no more surreal and stupid than belonging to FIFA and participating in their life-size game of subbuteo. If England are to avoid being flicked about my Sepp Blatter and his underlings for ever more it's really the only way.

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