26 February 2011

Ganbare Tokyo!

As we all know, without really intending to, I have accumulated lots of sports jerseys. I like to get hold of rare ones (don't we all eh eh?) and the rarest of all are of course those of fictional teams. Yes you're right, some are easy to find; the shirts worn by the allies in Escape to Victory for example can be found with little effort, the German shirts a little more difficult I'll wager, but who'd want one of those? The sweaters worn by the Charlestown Chiefs in Slap Shot are also easy to find.

But now then, though, but, see...my favourite movie ever ever in the world ever is Rollerball so I'm currently on the look out for the Tokyo team Rollerball jersey. This is proving difficult not just because the teams in the movie are obviously fictional, but the whole friggin' sport is fictional so there is no market for replicas.

I've chosen the Tokyo team's jersey despite them being the bad guys with their sneaky karate and hipkido techniques that rendered poor Moon Pie brain dead when three or four of them pounced on him and stove his head in, because I look better in yellow and the Houston team ones are probably easier to find. I want the rarest of the rarest see.

Already however I've resorted to just having one made what with them not existing and everything. This is proving more of a challenge than I'd anticipated. The problem is the damn sleeves are a different colour to the rest of the shirt, so I'm drawing a blank with all those "customise your own t shirt type websites."

I'm having someone make one for me from scratch as we speak. I gave them my small telly as payment. This is what I do with my time. And I don't care who knows it.

If you haven't seen Rollerball by the way, I suggest you jolly well do. It's very Kubrick-esq Clockwork Orange, dystopian future, sinister classical music, glass and concrete architecture type stuff about the dangers of Corporate greed and that awful 70s organ music. Very prophetic stuff. Possibly the most under-rated movie ever in my opinion. Conversely the 2002 re-make is possibly the worst ever.

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