10 February 2011

So much for the happy ending

I know the good people of Egypt read my blog, although not at the moment, so I say this with the greatest of respect and not in anyway meaning to make light of their struggle for a freer more democratic society, but in real terms it has to be said it was a bit naive of them to assume Mubarak would resign because they wanted him to and told him so in great numbers.

I'm no expert on Egyptian history or politics of course, not like all these people in the papers who insist on giving us their opinion, but I do know that when an Autocrat has built up a fortune of some £40b from plundering his nation's treasures and has a military paid for by the United States, they tend to be harder to remove than the red stain from cricket whites after keenly contested test match.

Notice that when the guy in charge is a Western puppet it's up to the Egyptian people to decide their own fate. When the dude in charge is not an ally of the West, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have a moral duty to step in and sort these despots out and set the people freeeeee.

The problem with this protest of course is there's no one actually leading it. They don't have a sort of Nelson Mandela type figure at head to take speak to the media, and explain the point of the protest and most importantly to take over from Hosni Mubarak.

So really it's a battle of wills and Mubarak will win. He's just got to wait it out and he's playing it perfectly. Sooner or later these people will have to go back to work, they'll get bored or frustrated and drift off in twos and threes.

Mubarak has a £40b to finance his resistance. He has more motivation than any one individual Egyptian and he has more incentive to try to and outlast the protesters. He can continue to use police brutality and bribery to slowly but surely strangle this entire protest and there's nothing anyone can really do about it.

The Western media of course should be ashamed of themselves for their part in this, feasting on this like some sort of blood sport...you know they don't care about these people, they're all just secretly praying for a massacre.

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