16 February 2011

Wednesday's bastards

The politician I hate the most this morning is Andrew Lansley. His NHS reforms are a concern. Will I and many others in my position be considered too expensive by our GP consortia and surreptitiously abandoned and left wheezy and helpless to fend for ourselves, surviving on night nurse and casseroles?

Privatised health care was probably inevitable..but what gets my dander up is rather than just admit that this is ideological or necessary in his opinion, Angela Lansbury is insisting this is the right thing to do for patients and the "evidence" supports this. The evidence does not support this, and although this has been pointed out to him repeatedly, he hears but does not listen. Bastard.

The impending Liberal Democrat scandal probably revealing itself to the public this weekend won't even cheer me up. Unless maybe, ..if it's Chris "family is what matters most" Huhne I'll be very happy because that dude is a freakin' danger to us all.

Please the Lord our God, please let him have been caught with his cock in a pizza delivery boy before this eco-freak bankrupts us even more than we're already bankrupt with his harebrained green policies.

If he has his way we'll all be compelled to install wind turbines on our homes and fart into plastic bags, which will be collected weekly like rubbish, stored and made into electricity to power our homes using technology not available to us yet, but which we ought to be able to develop if we can put a man on the moon.

All of this because he believes this "consensus" nonsense means the science is settled and if we don't destroy the global economy with Green policies requiring a financial meltdown to implement, we might be dead in 10,000 years. Just the word 'consensus' angers me now more than Tottenham, or Islamophobia.

It's not of course because he's making truckloads of money from this scam. If an "overwhelming consensus" of scientists reported that research clearly shows that homosexuality was essentially an incurable hereditary disease, yet there was some evidence that those conclusions were utter shite - which side of the argument would people like Huhne and all of those infuriatingly self-satisfied leftie type comedian/Guardian columnists come down on?

In that instance I'm quite sure we'd all be hearing how the scientific consensus throughout history has been wrong many many times and how leaches were thought to cure diseases once and Galileo was almost executed for heresy.


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