17 February 2011

What a piece of luck!

Look at this trio of tantalising totty. I just accidentally clicked on a link to a bongo site when I meant to click on one for helping stray puppies find new homes, and there's an advert for a sex version of Facebook and all examples of the women I could meet just happen to be from Oxford!!

What are the chances that I would accidentally stumble upon a treasure trove of sexually liberal strumpets and they all be on my own door step? It's like winning the lottery of sex ....and a joke about bonus balls too, which I can't quite think of yet.

The one at the bottom is especially exciting as I had no idea Oxford had a beach! I thought we were as far from the coast as you could get in England, but from that picture we appear to have some gorgeous coast line.

I will obviously join this as soon as I'm horny again.

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