12 February 2011

Good money after bad

I can only assume if Manchester City remain true to form that this derby game will send everyone to sleep. They'll be focused on not losing so will defend in numbers in the hopes of eeking out a nil-nil draw and then claim afterwards they'd be worthy Champions. Piffle.

With this in mind I'm having a few quid on a penalty being awarded. The referee by my way of thinking will have no choice but to award United a spot kick if it becomes clear they don't have the ability to break down City's wall of defenders.

In other games, we hope to recoup our loses on the Mubarak departure bets from last week, by betting heavily on Andrey Arshavin - the blog's Russian of the week - to score in 90 minutes today in Arsenal's game against Wolves. We've also layed Totterington on the assumption they'll be more focused on next week's Champions League game and also layed Aston Villa.

I'm very tired as we speak which means I hate everyone and everything and I can only conclude that Jamie Redknapp sat next to Dwight Yorke in the Sky Sports studio punishing my intelligence with their inane verbal guff are the Gods' way of pushing me and I don't like to be pushed.

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