6 February 2011

Peter Piper picks the Packers

I slept through all of Saturday so it might as well of not happened. Probably nothing interesting happened anyway so there's no need for me to look at the papers or watch the news. Just get on with Sunday and look forward to the Super Bowl and stuff.

I still don't know who I want to win tonight. I don't like Pittsburgh. It's America's Sheffield plus Pennsylvania has all those weird Amish people and they're just the creepiest people this side of Ultra-Orthodox Jews with those silly hats and dangly bits of hair. What's orthodox about dressing like that? Especially when you're only 10.

Anyway I digress. I also don't like Wisconsin cause all the worst serial killers seem to come from there and I've never liked cheese. I mean I'll have it melted on a sammich, but those people eat big blocks of it I think. No wonder they're all so angry. Probably never been for a good shit in their whole lives.

Given that we're talking about 100,00 serial killers and religious fruit baskets big on incest and horses invading Dallas which is already home to a few million crazies, you wonder if the NFL have really thought this through. It could be a blood bath.

I do like to pick a team to root for, but it is a tricky one. However, since Mike Wilbon AND Paulie two Thumbs have tipped Pittsburgh I think I'll pick the Packers. And cause that's almost a tongue twister. He often picks quite poorly so I'll pick the Packers to pepper Pittsburgh and pickle two thumbs Paulie.

The end.

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