14 February 2011


Yesterday I watched the first three original Superman movies all in a row. Christopher Reeves, Brilliant. I have of course seen these films many many times before but it only struck me yesterday just what an utterly selfish wanker Lois Lane was.

Superman is the guardian of the entire planet. With his powers he can maintain peace on Earth, he can avert natural disasters and unlike Premier League footballers he never gets injured for tax purposes.

He meets Lois though and it all gets fucked up. Typical fucking woman fucking it all up for everyone. Superman declares his undying love for her and because he can't have a girlfriend and have superpowers at the same time, I think because of how powerful his cock is, he has to sacrifice his powers to be with her!!

Silly man of course letting his cock do his thinking...but though..but....SHE FUCKING LETS HIM.

Lois sees him explaining to his Mam that he wants to be mortal and forgo his destiny to save planet Earth from itself, so he can have Lois as his girlfriend and Lois stands by and lets him do it because she thinks in her tiny little mind that she's worth all that.

She doesn't say, wooooo Superman, look I'm flattered but let's look at the bigger picture here. The whole planet needs you and our relationship just doesn't amount to a hill of beans by comparison. The chase is better than the catch etc etc. Why don't I just give you a blowie?

No, she just stands there and watches him demolecularise himself and says well Gee, I can't believe you did that for me. I don't think she even says thank you.

I mean Jaysus, I'm inconsiderate sometimes, but women are fucking mental the way they can do that!

What did you do this weekend?

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