24 February 2011

Thursday's c**ts

What I'd like to know right, what I'd like to know, is why the fuck is Call me Dave in the Middle East? What's he think he's playing at visiting Egypt now? If he wants to look all statesmanlike why doesn't he go to Afghanistan and sort our mess of a war out before dealing with tribal squabbles in Africa that have nothing to do with us. Gaddafi I'm sure doesn't even know who David Cameron is.

I know Dave reads my blog cause I know his cleaner and she saw my URL in his history file when she was being nosy. So listen up..we are at war Dave. War! Guns, bombs, fighting, rations, soldiers etc. War. We are at war as we speak and you never ever talk about it. Perhaps this is why you seem to forget about it. Like how people lock their kids in their bedrooms while they're packing the car to go on holiday to keep them quiet and end up leaving without them.

I've never been able to understand how this Government or the previous one have been allowed to be so dismissive of the occurrences in Afghanistan. Why do our news media not constantly harass them about this? Cause they don't give a shit either I suspect. If it became a big deal they'd have to go out there too and we can't have that now.

We're obviously getting our arses whupped. If we were winning and Afghan civilians were constantly showering our troops with gifts and their jizz then it's all we'd hear about. As the opposite is true and the top brass are all just trying to figure out a way of retreating out of the place without admitting defeat, we don't hear a bean of news from the place.

I'm not asking for much, just something more than the 30 seconds or so Call me Dave uses before PMQs to announce the most recent dead and remind us how brave and courageous he thinks they all are. Utter c**t. The truth is he won't go anywhere really dangerous as there's too much risk of his face peeling off and the scaly terror beneath exposed to the world.

I hope he picked up some tips in Egypt on dealing with mass civil unrest as I suspect there's going to be some here in the not too distant future. It won't be long before everyone realises we're all doomed and aren't rich after all.

First people can't afford to full up their cars with petrol, then they can't afford to eat three times a day and that is when everyone will wake up. Oh yes. They say deprive a society of three meals and you'll have anarchy. It's especially true when half the nation is obese and can't go ten minutes without consuming a dozen doughnuts. I'm telling you, there's something in the breeze people and it's not one of my enchilada farts.

In unrelated news. Whisky drinkers can be quite snobby bitches can't they? Have you experienced whisky snobbery? It's quite nasty. I for example will tease people for drinking whisky with ice as it's very American, but I don't really care.

Whisky snobs do. They won't even let you drink it with coffee and cream which is of course yum. According to these people if you don't drink it neat you're a nancy boy and you don't really like it. If you have to add things to it you don't really like it, so just don't drink it they say.

Nonsense. Does that only apply to whisky? People add things to everything. They don't howl at people eating pizza for not just eating a block of cheese on its own. If you have to melt cheese on a pizza and add sausage and mushroom, then obviously you just don't like cheese so don't eat it.

I wonder sometimes what with all the c**nts in the world how my dander ever goes down I really do.

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