25 February 2011

That's um...his job though

New head master parachuted into a failing Primary school sacked after two days for being too draconian.

Quote from a mother with a child who attended said school, "Children were going to school afraid to do anything in case they got suspended. That’s not the way to make children behave."

In other words, "he made them behave and that's no way to make them behave." They're supposed to be afraid of getting suspended you stupid bloody woman. That's how making kids behave works. Terrify the little fuckers.

"It's not fair," shrieked another of the mothers waving her fists in the air. "My little Daniel got suspended but he's only punched that Roberts boy four times. I don't know why he done it, but it won't have been for no reason. He's a good boy, he's just got some learning difficulties." continued the hideous woman who appeared to be suffering from some sort of plague judging by the boils under her arm pits.

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