24 February 2011

Where did it all go wrong?

Can't wait to get home for a nice piece of fruit: William Hague and
Christopher Myers reaching the summit of base camp.

What's the point of the Foreign Office now? No point really. We have no authority or standing to speak of in global politics anymore. We have no real armed forces, so the Foreign Office can only make speeches and ratchet up the rhetoric when nasty people do nasty things around the world.

William Hague as Foreign Secretary has essentially a non-job. It's a token position with no actual powers or authority, so with this in mind I'd have liked to see him show a little more back bone when responding to the recent criticisms from Labour and leftie arms of the media regarding the evacuation of ex-pats from Libya. What's he go to lose? Nowt.

Something along the lines of 'get the fuck out you cheeky bastards' was the order of the day. If people want to leave the UK to work in dangerous places for huge salaries and no taxes then fine, but don't expect the UK Government to bail you out when it all goes pear shaped.

If you want us to send some ships and planes to rescue you, then how about forwarding us a cheque first for some back-taxes to pay for it all? Otherwise good luck to you.

Sadly, none of this from Hague. Instead he's issued grovelling apologies and vowed to do better next time. I used to respect William Hague. He used to drink twenty pints of beer before work and shag women. But he's gone at the game since he started knocking about with the gayest man in Britain. Now he's a gibbering conflicted submissive wreck and if the rumours are true he's literally anybodies after two Babychams.

It's enough to make you weep.

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