19 February 2011

FA Cup upsets etc

I'm jolly glad there's no proper football on this weekend. I'm not ready for it. This week's Champions League success for Arsenal where by they slaughtered Barcelona has left me with a sort of post-coital tristesse. I shall probably not be properly prepared for real football for at least another week.

In the meantime I shall divert my attention this weekend to trying to identify where an upset might occur in the FA Cup. With the exception of Arsenal it looks like home wins all the way, which clearly won't happen so if we can identify where it won't happen we will win so much money we'll be able to afford heath insurance in the new world.

I fancy something will occur either at Stamford Bridge or St Andrews. Chelsea are still struggling to over the fact that they all hate each other. Team spirit at Chelsea exists only in the form of Roman Abramovic's stash of expensive Russian Vodkas. Chelsea also must have the Champions League next week in mind when they pick their side today no?

However, Everton are shit too. Chris David Moyes Moyles has some how created a reputation for himself as a solid British manager, when in fact he has no idea what he's playing at ever. Whether Everton win or not has nothing to do with Moyes. I think the weather has more of an influence on their games than he does. Given that it's going to rain today I might have a few quid on Everton.

Sheffield Wednesday might fancy their chances at Birmingham today too as according to my calculations Birmingham are so bad they could kill you if you watched the whole game. They are that disgusting. With this in mind I fancy a Wednesday/Everton double. And why not?

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