8 January 2011

Zebra crossings

Have you heard tell of this mess of nonsense? http://bbc.in/i6tLGz

"Scientists" in Israel reckon there's a chemical in a woman's tears that reduce sexual desires in men. Do Scientists in Israel enjoy such a surplus of funding that they can afford to fritter money away searching for answers to questions that don't need answering.

It's not some mystery chemical in the tears that reduces a mans sexual desire, it's simply the fact that if you're trying your hardest to get a woman into bed and rather than become moist and accommodating she starts crying instead, it kind of kills the mood a bit.

Isn't this what the medical profession call a "Zebra." An overly complicated explanation for sommat that most likely has a very simple cause.

When you hear hoofbeats behind you Israeli Scientists, think horsey not zebra. That's what I always say.

* * *

Moving on now and it is of course bullshit that .....wooooo my new iMac has just arrived.

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