28 January 2011

FA Cup

As the planet continues to heat up to a point which will make all life unsustainable probably within days, it's remarkable how f**king cold it is outside. In this sort of weather there's very little to do other than buy the Co-op's entire stock of crumpets, butter and PG tips and hunker down until we're all boiled alive just by opening the curtains.

Until I am poached like an egg, there's just enough time to place some FA Cup wagers. I've invested some money in a Yankee which will require wins for Everton, Aston Villa, Torquay and Bolton if I'm to be able to afford to build a shelter to protect me from the 1000˚C heat that will beat down on my little Town even in the winter months, because man has selfishly chosen to drive to work instead of cycle.

If for some reason the heavens don't fall and the seas don't boil, I've left myself a few quid back to have a bet on Mexico to beat the might of Bosnia and Herzegovina on February 9th.

But first this:

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