23 January 2011

Da Bears

I'm laughing as I type this as my NFL handicapping Labrador Bruce from Chicago has sent me a text assuring me the conditions in Chi Town are perfect for a Bears win this evening. It's currently cold as fuck and as we know, the only way the Bears can really beat the Packers tonight is by applying maximum pressure to Aaron Rogers.

Labrador Bruce observing conditions outside Soldierfield yesterday

The colder the conditions (hopefully it will snow too) the less effective Rogers' arm. The Bears defense is healthy and will be keen to break at least four of his ribs as early as possible. The Bears need to keep the ball for as long as possible obviously if they're to keep Rogers out of the frame.

The weather and home field advantage makes this much easier. The running game for Chicago is the key. Drain the clock, win the game. It's so simple. The coverage of the Packers wide receivers will have to be perfect also.

They're better than the Seahawks and any opportunities for turn-overs cannot be missed. NO! Lots of pressure of Rogers, lots of possession when they have the ball and good coverage and the Bears win. Easy peasy.

We have not laid our Superbowl winner bet off yet. If you recall we're on the bears at 42.0. They're now trading at 7.0. This is way too high to be laid off. Once the Bears win and the Jets win later on tonight, then a small lay may be executed.

The end.

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