15 January 2011

Kick a man when he's down

Chicharro Sanchez earlier today

As we speak Mob member Alan is in Spain competing in the APAT Southern European Championships of the World poker thingy. In fact I'm just now hearing in my ear piece he's completed the "competing part" of the mission having lost his chips to a lady called Chicharro Sanchez and is now probably playing Black Jack.

Amusing "Chicharro" is a Spanish fish. I believe it's a Mackerel. Evidently he just couldn't get her to lay her hand down. If only he'd have had Chicharro and chips for lunch he might have picked on some one else.

Here he is post-busto having a consolation drink looking both pissed off and frightened wondering how the fuck he managed to stumble into the only gay bar in town.

Fuck my life: Alan wishing he was somewhere else yesterday.

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