10 January 2011

Can't see the woods for the trees

I've been very busy today if the truth be told. I've made some real progress with my jigsaw and I've made a start on trying to work out how many hundreds of thousands I won last year betting on sports.

But what I'd like to discuss at this time are the motives behind this Jared Loughner character's shooting spree. The liberal media is laying the blame at the door of the Palin types because of their violent rhetoric in their political speeches, but I fancy they're just using this as an accuse to put the boot in a bit. The Democrats have taken a hiding recently and they're hoping they can exploit this massacre and score some points.

If you look at the dude's reading list thing on his My Space page for example none of these books are ultra right wing in nature. If anything they're left-wing; he's got the Communist Manifesto on there as well as Mein Kampf, 1984 and Animal Farm. His obsession appears to have been with Governmental control and conspiracy theories - the staple diet of Mercan whackos, so it's quite likely he would have shot Gabrielle Giffords even if she was a Republican.

That's not to say of course that Sarah Palin's rather incendiary speeches are a good idea. If you give enough crazy people enough access to enough guns and tell them often enough that a certain group of people need targeting, then it's a fairly safe bet that someone will take the metaphor seriously and act on those speeches.

For my money however, this Jared Loughner fella just seems to have been a drug taking crazy person without any real understanding of what he was reading and coupled with the blistering heat of Arizona and having no friends it's just all been too much for him and his only means of dealing with it all was to gun some people down.

America will now try and dissect this shooting and miwyans of theories will be offered by many an arm chair psychologist as to what was going on in this young mans mind; what was he reading, what was he listening to, what were his politics? But it might just simply be a case of crazy people and guns don't mix and when they do usually a massacre occurs.

What was I saying a few days go about zebras and horses?

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