31 January 2011

Back to school

Once the winter's over (in about three hours by my clock) I'm going back to school people. I've got to stop drifting through days napping and eating sammiches and only occasionally reading a book or tackling a tricky a crossword.

By home schooling myself not only will I be a more accomplished quizzer, I'll also be able to reassure myself that my life is more constructive and worthwhile than my best friend's fish Tommy Boy.

I will only have a three day week however so I can have Wednesdays and Fridays off. I will have double home economics on Tuesdays but I'm not doing PE or RE ever. I'll be doing Spanish instead of French and my days will begin at 6pm instead of 9am.

Assembly will not be compulsory either and I won't have to wear a uniform. In order to prevent myself form slacking off I will have to write myself a note if I'm sick. My term time will be continuous. My education will last at least until I have read every book in my house, am fluent in Spanish and I can make a nice casserole.

*I have just received news Tommy Boy is in fact dead, however, my home schooling will go ahead as planned.

Tommy Boy 1996-2010

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