20 January 2011

Warsi, what is she good for? Absolute nothing huurgh

Women insisting on playing rugby, yesterday

People often say to me, 'Why, why shouldn't women play rugby, why shouldn't they play cricket, why shouldn't they be allowed to drive cars?' And I say to them, apart from of course that they're incompetent and no good at any of these things, it serves as a foundation for more dangerous feminist movements.

While women playing cricket may seem ostensibly harmless, it leads to them wanting to do other things which can have potentially very serious consequences for us all. Baroness Sayeeda Warsi being a perfect case in point.

If you give women access to rugby pitches it's inevitable that they'll want access to 'other places' (quite literally in the Baroness's case) which simply aren't safe for anyone without a Y chromosome. They become a danger to themselves and us.

As if allowing women to serve on Submarines hasn't put enough of us in harms way, we're now allowing them into the Houses of Parliament.

Fortunately at the moment they're number has been kept to a minimum to satisfy equality quotas. Warsi herself in fact has gotten where she is today because she conveniently ticks three equality boxes; she's female, Muslim and dark skinned.

But, while they're influence in the law making process maybe minimal, their status still gives them a voice and quite a loud one too in some cases so we're compelled to listen whether we like it or not.

Today Warsi used her foghorn of a voice to deliver a dangerously provocative and quite astonishingly hypocritical speech in which she accused us all of being bigots for allowing the proliferation of "Islamophobia."

This is one of the scariest words currently being shoehorned into our lexicon. It is a direct consequence of thirteen years of egalitarian nonsense from the previous Government. We have found ourselves in a place where no one can reasonably criticise anything without being accused of being phobic.

A phobia is an irrational fear. There's nothing irrational however about fearing Islam. It's a brutal, homophobic, misogynistic, medieval religion which advocates suicide bombings, the mutilation of female genitalia, forced marriage, honour killings and silly ridiculous facial furniture. And all of this occurs in Britain not just Islamic countries.

To accuse people of Islamophobia is as absurd as accusing the population of 1930's Britain of Naziophobia or not giving Fascism a fair go. Had the same intolerance of criticism existed in the 1930s there may never have been a second world war as we wouldn't have been allowed to voice our concerns.

If Baroness Warsi really wants to establish which group of people are intolerant and bigoted why doesn't she sit in a Church and listen to what's being said and then pop down to her local Mosque and compare the two experiences. Which group is calling for non-believers and apostates to be slaughtered and which group is organising a raffle to help raise funds to mend the hole in the roof of the village cricket pavillion?

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