14 January 2011

Shall we go for a Ruby

Seventeen year old nightclub "dancer" Ruby yesterday

If you're out on the lash with Silvio Berlusconi and he suggests you go for a Ruby it might be prudent to clarify just exactly what he means by that. Is it the spicy kind that leaves you sweaty and choking for water or the stuff you get in Indian restaurants.

Berlusconi 74, is currently embroiled in allegations that he illegally compensated 17 year old Ruby for sexual relations at his Villa outside Milan. His defense team claim the Italian Prime Minister "did what any normal red blooded male would do when a slut wafts her tits in front of his face and no money was paid."

While the Judiciary are unlikely to accept this, polls show most Italians don't care either way. In Italy the age of consent is 14, yet sex with a prostitute under 18 is illegal. Essentially if he hasn't paid her it's OK.

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