26 January 2011

Time gentlemen please

Where did it all go wrong eh chaps?

When Rupert Murdoch helicopters in to sort everyone out who's suing him we all suffer (don't sue me Rupert I'm ill).

He makes the PGMO assign a linesman who's a female woman to the Wolves v Liverpool game, and makes sure a bunch of microphones are pointing at Andy Gray and Richard Keys when they make the sexist comments he knows they're going to make because he'd have made them too and they're just poorer less intelligent versions of him and suddenly every one in the country going to work on Thursday will be terrified of holding any conversation with their co-workers that isn't strictly job related and ultra PC in tone.

It's of course fantastic news that Richard Keys and Andy Gray will no longer be allowed to spoil football - at least on Sky Sports - but the wider implications of these sorts of squabbles are never healthy.

The equality these rules and regulations endeavour to bestow on our society simply cannot be mandated by law. It doesn't work that way. You can silence people's prejudices, but you can't stop them thinking them in the first place which is what we're really after no? Sacking people and fining people for their own opinions is not progressive, it's decisive, isolating, counter-productive and misguided.

Is the feminist cause better served by Andy Gray not being on telly? Is Sian Massey's career going to be smoother now and less obstructed by chauvinism? I fancy not. All it's it's done is baffle everyone and made everyone who thinks like Andy Gray, which is a lot of people, even more resentful towards womenfolk pissing about in football with their silly way or running and inability to grow a thick tash.

It takes aaaaages to iron out the creases of people's prejudices as it can only be done by exposing them time and time again to evidence that counters their antiquated nugget headed beliefs. All the column inches and howls of derision aimed at Andy Gray together were far less effective than Sian Massey actually calling that one off-side decision correctly during the game.

I thought that was all rather poetically ironic and it made them both look suitably ignorant. That the one contentious issue in that game just happened to be an off-side decision and just happened to involve the referees woman linesmans' assistant female official lino.

She got it right and that really should have been the end of it. Helen Chamberlain could have had a big laugh at them both on Soccer AM on Saturday, we could all have a joke about it and enjoyed a country wide hug and we'd all have been better people for it.

That's the way of dealing with this nonsense, just more of that to shut the Andy Grays of the world up. More women folk making more correct off-side decisions. Simples. It might take longer, but it's far more effective than sacking everyone. Am I right or am I right or am I right? Right.

"Good win for Barnsley last night Pat?"
"Let's just empty t'bins shall we Ron."
A typical casual conversation at work as of today

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