9 January 2011

Down with this sort of thing

Come on now America enough is enough. What on earth are you playing at? I've long suspected the best thing America can do to prevent another civil war between the big sandal wearing liberals and the gun touting Republicans is to set fire to that stinking Constitution, but I fear it's too late even for that.

It is of course at the source of everything crap that occurs in the US of States. So jolly well come along and burn the damn thing anyway. Are you grown ups or not? I know you read my blog America, my stats tell me you do, so listen here, are you honestly telling you can't behave decently towards one another without consulting that silly document written over two hundred years ago?

Whenever someone justifies their behaviour by saying the Constitution gives them the right to do it you know it's something unpleasant. When will you people learn that just because a tatty manuscript gives you the right to do something, it doesn't mean you should actually go and do it.

Guns for example are the obvious case in point. I don't care how nasty your neighbourhood might be, you do NOT need an automatic weapon. You don't need the kind of hardware the British Army fighting in Afghanistan don't even have access to.

While our soliders in Helmand Province are having to shout BANG in Arabic at the Taliban to save ammunition, there's millions of Mercans with M16s at home just in case some one tries to steal their telly.

You know damn well the second amendment was a necessary addition to the Constitution at the time because John Bull might arrive on the scene at any time and steal your town and ravish your womenfolk. Well you face no such threat anymore. Certainly not from us anyway. However much you like to think you are, you are not at war.

Or at least not from a foreign enemy or the stinkin' A-rabs as you call them, or the Commies. The biggest danger to America's way of life, freedom and liberty and so on are the freakin' whack job Republicans and those tea party loony toons.

The Sarah Palin's and the Jesse Kelly's embedded in their metaphorical fox holes in the US political landscape are the most dangerous people on the planet as we speak. These people are unhinged, fanatical, war mongering xenophobes. It's because of these sorts of people that you can't even watch a game of Baseball in America without genuflecting to the military.

It is of course no coincidence that Jesse Kelly's "Target Gifford" campaign has resulted in Gabrielle Gifford actually being targeted; shot at point blank range in the brains. And when Palin's map of potential Democrat seats up for grabs are highlighted with gun sights and her speeches peppered with gun touting "lock and load" rhetoric aimed at all those heinous traitorous Mercans who dare to oppose Wars or elect a stinkin' jihadist to the White House, it's no wonder people are actually getting gunned down by crazy dudes who can't think for themselves.

This can only end in tears as far as I can see. American politics is in some sort of gridlock. It has a checks and balances system to prevent the President from going all Dictator on every one, yet this same system makes law making impossible in Congress when you have two parties with such wildly opposed ideologies and when one half of the house is crazy.

How on earth can some one who thinks Mexicans ought to be kept out of the country via an enormous wall be persuaded to compromise and think intelligently? It can't happen. The only way forward here is another civil war. Obviously the south wins this time as they have all the guns, which I'm sure it as the source of this second amendment protection, so of course we're doomed. Doooooomed.

We should not give up on America. They are after all our progeny and what parent could ever simply abandon their children simply because they've gone mental? However, I myself am taking the precaution to move my stuff deeper into my cave because some times you must also let your children make their own mistakes in life.

I'm telling you people, this will not have a happy ending. Sooner or later the Chinese will start to turn the screw and the Jesse Kellys and the Sarah Palin types know of only one response to such threats to their sacred way of life from outsiders. Unfortunately for us..we're in the middle.

I know kids, I'm scared too.


Earl and Shirlene down to the trailer park said...

Let's see, you oppose the wars so you elected Obama?

Have you figured out your mistake yet?

Rich said...

I didn't elect anyone. I'm English.