14 April 2011


Season 9 of Smallville begins tonight in my little world. I'm a little bit worried about this as there's no more seasons to watch after this one. The final season which is of course season 10 hasn't finished airing in the US of States yet so it'll be November before it's available in these lands on the DVDs.

I could go back and watch it all again, but Clark and I have been through so much over the seasons I don't think I could bring myself to go through it all again. Not knowing as I now do that he never did get a blowie of Lana.

I'll have to worry about that when the time comes. In the meantime I just hope Lois who has gone missing, doesn't come back wearing loser less slutty stuff but indeed continues with those sort of funky PVC outfits she was wearing quite often in season 8 for quite tenuous reasons now I look back on it.

I hear Zod is to be introduced in this season. The most evilest man in the galaxies. Played by an English guy of course. What is it with Mercans and their perception of the English accent as the epitome of evil? Is that why it's so easy to get shags in America cause women get turned on by evil? I never thought of that before, I thought it was always just cause I had nice eyes.

In other news I can still hear that fly.

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