21 April 2011

Oh do naff orf

I've just now been hearing from a man in the garage that David Cameroon wants to put a stop to these judges granting injunctions and super injunctions to the rich celebrity types to prevent the media from sharing their sordid sexual perversions with their dwindling readerships.

Dave reckons these judges should naff off if they think they can create this secrecy law just to protect the rich and famous. It's our elected Parliament according to Dave that makes the laws, not judges.

Of course, he's conveniently forgetting here that it's no such thing. Our Parliament exists simply to receive EU laws and impose them on us without so much as a whimper from Dave.

He's as concerned with other bodies other than Parliament making laws as a well known golfer is about injuring his penis while enjoying his sordid fetishes in the bespoke dungeon of some foreign dominatrix.

And you can quote me.

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