20 April 2011


Booing. What's it all about? We here at the blog find it curious that the media make such a big deal of thousands of grown men shouting boo as if it's the most traumatic experience. Poor Michael Owen subjected to boos from 55,000 Geordies. They didn't even mention the chants of "One greedy bastard."

When a player goes back to a former club they always ask whether he'll be able to cope with the boos. Usually it's a player who's had to listen to the most vile crap from opposing fans every day of his professional life. Stuff about his kids getting cancer or his wife being fucked by many many a dog's cock.

Presenter: Will he be able to cope with the boos?

Ex-Pro Pundit: Well he manages to ignore them when they're calling his wife a whore and all the times they've chanted about how his kids need stabbing so he should manage OK with the boos.

If booing was so disturbing we wouldn't take children to pantomimes. I'm afraid I just don't get it. Where does it come from. Grown men shouting boo with faces contorted with genuine rage and hatred. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you absolute cunt, do you hear me? BOOOOOOOOOOOO.

It's the north London derby tonight. I should think there might be one or two boos this evening, but this won't be the reason I'm not watching it. I simply don't have the stomach for it. I'm not giving the Gods the satisfaction. If we're to lose I don't have to see it. I can ignore it. If we win I can watch a repeat and enjoy it just as much as if it were live.

The Gods have really gotten creative this year. We've lost a cup final in the last few minutes via comedy defending and most recently drawn a game we should have won by conceding a penalty in the 112th minute of a league game. Just what the Gods have got in store for Arsenal tonight I fear to even contemplate. I've got that horrible cold sweat around my balls even now as we speak.

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Woody said...

For obvious reasons I hope you give 'Arry and his boys a good seeing to. There now I've jinxed it ;-)